Why Companion 24/7

Our voice-activated smart speakers and video devices have a mission! They keep you connected to the people and interests you love and protected with access to urgent response agents – just with the sound of your voice. 

Companion 24/7 peace of mind

Companion 24/7 brings peace of mind by providing its Members with easy, voice-activated access to urgent response agents when you need them using our patented Call for Help feature. You don’t have to be near a phone, alarm keypad or panic button. You just have to say Call for Help. Standard off-the-shelf smart speakers can’t call 911. And setting them up can be tricky. We make it quick and easy.

Concerned about privacy?

Companion 24/7 offers anonymity and privacy through our military-grade encrypted service. In addition, we offer a Privacy Protection Guarantee to cover reimbursement and expense compensation with limits of up to $1 million. Benefits provided by a Master Policy issued by Lloyds of London insurance.

8 Reasons Why Companion 24/7 Is Worth It

Companion 24/7 can help in more ways than you think. Here are 8 reasons why Companion 24/7 is worth it.

Want an easier way to make calls?

Receive calls on your smart speaker and answer using just your voice. No need to run for the phone. Make calls to anyone, but only those who you have approved can call you – eliminating telemarketing calls. 

What else can you do with voice?

• Instant two-way communication smart intercom system by voice
• Ask everyday questions like time, date and weather
• Set reminders for daily routines, birthdays, appointments and more
• Set timers, especially handy when you are cooking or working on an art project
• Search information on the internet
• Play music, games, news and more
• Use any of the thousands of smart speaker skills

Need help understanding your new device? Our Customer Care Team advisors can answer questions and provide helpful resources. Premier service plans are available for ongoing training and support.

Call Customer Care at (833) 791-9100.

The Voices Behind the Care

Companion 24/7 is a lot more than just having the latest technology for your home. It’s technology with a human touch. People are at the heart of all we do. Whether you are calling for help or just have a question, you speak with people who care.

No internet? We’ve got you covered.

Internet is required to use all services. However, security, hands-free video calling, web searches and other benefits are still accessible with a cellular plan.

Your system will arrive with cellular built it. It costs a little more for this service but makes Companion 24/7 available anywhere with good cellular coverage. We make it simple to get started.