The Voices Behind the Care

The Voices Behind the Care

While Our Customer Care Advisor Roles Vary, There is One Thing We Have in Common. HEART

When you connect to an Advisor, you’re getting Jennifer, who can explain the system. Or Francisco, who has proprietary tools to help make sure your system is programmed before it arrives, or Charlie — who can help with your set-up and activation. Or Eileen who follows up with you after emergency services have been dispatched.

In fact, we have more than 10 different Advisor specialties at Companion 24/7. So you’re not just hearing a voice — you’re talking with someone who cares about your protection and connection and is specially trained to help.

There’s a saying that if you do what you love, you’ll love what you do. It sounds wishful, but it’s what motivated many Advisors to answer the call.

A love for people, a desire to help, the need to protect — these are reasons why some Advisors choose to work here. Whether instilled in them by their parents, learned in church, or realized through a personal experience, their passion for caring is strong and doesn’t stop when they take off their headset.

Our Advisors believe being able to help someone is the most powerful form of the human connection. Our Advisors are the reason… care is always there.