Smart assistant, convenience, entertainment and fun factor – all included
Play any style of music with unlimited streaming. Plus, jokes, riddles and stories.
Privacy and anonymity, backed by a $1 million guarantee
You are 100% anonymous on a secure network. Using military grade security, your information is protected and backed by a $1 million privacy guarantee
83% more reliable
The chances of you having your phone on your person or being able to reach your phone when you have an accident are low. Even people with a wearable monitor did not have them in reach 83% of the time when they fell.
Your system is personalized and customized for you
The system is customized for each person. It includes your frequently dialed numbers along with thousands of the skills you will find most valuable. Make or receive calls with just your voice, plus no more telemarketing or robocalls - guaranteed.
Be connected to help three times faster than other emergency alert systems
Companion 24/7’s voice activated, monitored emergency response system is three times faster than the national average.
Simple and easy set-up, no programming required
All systems are pre-programmed. Plug in the system and it’s ready to go. No need to spend hours trying to follow all the set up requirements. Plus, you have access to tech support if you do have an issue.
Added peace of mind in an emergency
If you or someone in your home experiences a medical emergency you can get access to help with just your voice and these trained agents can stay on the line with you until help arrives.
Urgent response professionals are ready to help, 24/7
Companion 24/7 provides access to specially trained urgent response professionals who are available to help when you ask. The Companion 24/7 difference is the availability of a real person who can help in your time of need.

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