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How do I know my Companion 24/7 is working?
The easiest way is to test it by saying the wake word and giving an command. For example, say “Alexa, what time is it?”

What if I don’t hear a response?
Try turning up the volume. Say “Alexa, volume 8.”

How does Companion 24/7 work?
Companion is a powerful medical alert and personal emergency response system that works hands-free with Amazon Alexa. Using smart speakers within your home, in an emergency, simply say “Alexa, Call for Help.” Companion 24/7 connects you instantly (hands-free) to professional help 24/7.

Is Companion 24/7 Right for Me?

If you live alone – no matter what your age – even a small accident can spell disaster. Companion connects you to help fast in the event of a medical emergency, a fall, home invasion or other emergency.

Why can’t I just call 911 with a standard Alexa device?

Due to regulations, Alexa can’t call 911. Plus, with a standard 911 call, it may take up to 60 seconds to be connected with an operator. During times of distress, time is crucial. With Companion 24/7, urgent response agents will confirm the emergency and be able to relay vital, personal information to the paramedics including your location.