The Benefits of Companion 24/7

OnStar Advisors are available 24/7 to help when the unexpected happens.


Concerned about safety and security?

OnStar has over 20 years of experience delivering in-vehicle services backed by a human connection. Explore the available OnStar services..

8 Reasons Why Companion 24/7 Is Worth the Money

Everyone has a mishap at some point. Accidents happen.

That’s why you have services to provide added security and protection. But Companion 24/7 comes with a slew of other handy services to help you get the most bang for your buck.

And the best part is your safety could cost less than having lunch out once a week. On average, Americans spend $10 on lunch — that’s nearly $40 per month!

But there is so much more. Let’s see all the things you can do because you have Companion 24/7.

Crashes Happen — OnStar Can Help

Timing is everything in the moments after a collision. If you’re in a crash, built-in sensors can automatically connect an OnStar Advisor to your vehicle — even if you aren’t able to call for help yourself. 

Want the convenience of a smart assistant?

Using smart devices with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant allows hands-free interaction and performs tasks that make your life easier. Timers, reminders and calendar functions help keep you organized while voice activated web searches save time and are readily available. And these benefits are just the beginning. 

Help from Throughout Your Home with Just Your Voice

See sample floor plans with examples of how smart  speaker devices can be positioned in your home.