The Quality Advantage for Assisted Living Communities

Voice-Enabled Senior Living Communities 

Constant Companion leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and popular voice-activated speakers to transform the future of caregiving for senior living communities. 

Your Quality Competitive Market Advantage 

Constant Companion voice-activated smart assistant solutions make the work of caregiving more efficient and enhances the quality of life for your residents. 

Quality-Driven Innovation for Assisted Living

Our innovative enterprise solution helps increase safety by improving the ease of contacting the nurse. It serves as a smart assistant setting reminders and answering questions. In addition, speaking with the device has been found to increase engagement and reduce social isolation for older adults. 

Improved Communication

Our interconnected system supports instant 1-to-1 intercom conversations with residents eliminating miles of walking. It automates and broadcasts announcements, such as for meals or activities; and it supports your activities department with games, music and stories. 

Improved Utilization

The Constant Companion enterprise solution improves the utilization of nurses and staff, increases satisfaction for residents and families, and gives your community a quality competitive market advantage. 

To learn more about our Enterprise Solution for assisted living facilities, schedule a coffee talk or call us today. 

Discover the Many Ways Companion Community Makes Your Facility Stand Out

Companion Community can give your assisted living facility a quality competitive market advantage, increase satisfaction and more.

Companion 24/7 | Features

It’s Easy

Constant Companion’s purpose-built, voice-activated systems improve quality of life for your residents and staff. Voice requests are the easiest and most innovative way to connect to each room or an entire facility. 

It’s Smart

Smart speakers assist staff by performing regular mundane tasks such as making announcements, reminding residents about meals and fun events, and communicating throughout the facility hands-free. So, your staff can focus on residents. 

It’s Meaningful

Even with other people around, a person who is missing their spouse or family can feel lonely. When your residents retire to their rooms, they can continue to engage. The interactive smart assistant powered by artificial intelligence becomes a real companion. They can ask questions anytime. Memory care patients can ask the same question over and over again and will always receive a polite answer.

Companion Community helps innovative communities provide their residents with the benefits of voice-connected living. After all, what could be more important than making people’s lives better?