8 Reasons Why Companion 24/7 is Worth the Money

Reason #1: Be more connected

Companion 24/7 is a voice-activated speakerphone system. Place one speaker in each main room of the house and make or receive calls with just your voice. Simply say, “Call my son (or daughter, etc.)” or any name in your contact list. No more running for the phone when it rings, simply say “Alexa, Answer”. We make it easier to stay connected with those you care about most.

Oh, one more thing, no more telemarketing or “robo-calls” ever. Guaranteed!

Reason #2: Agents are ready to help, 24/7

Companion 24/7 is staffed by highly trained, US-based urgent response agents who are available 24/7 when you say “Alexa, Call for Help” in any emergency at home. They will assess your situation and get you the help you need. The Companion 24/7 difference is the availability of a real person who will stay with you in your time of need.

Reason #3: Added peace of mind in an emergency

If you or someone in your home experiences a medical emergency you can get access to help with just your voice and these trained agents can stay with you, by speakerphone, until help arrives.

Plus, Companion 24/7’s voice-activated, emergency response system is three times faster than the top 10 leading brands in connection speed to a live agent (*average connect time of 10 seconds or less). That’s a big deal in a life safety emergency. In an independent study, wearable panic buttons (PERS devices) were not within reach 83% of the time when a subscriber fell – rendering them useless. Our voice-activated “Alexa Call for Help” works throughout your home without wearable devices of any type. Companion 24/7 is always ready when you need it most.

Reason #4: Meet your new smart assistant

Voice technology is changing lives and changing the world. We are sure you will just love the user experience, the convenience, entertainment including unlimited music streaming, plus jokes, riddles, stories, weather, news and an amazing fun factor – all included.

Not sure if a voice assistant is for you? Try our 8-week, risk-free trial, and see for yourself. If it is just “not for you” simply return it and owe nothing. Simple as that.

Reason #5: Our “White Glove” setup

You will love our “white glove” setup and customer experience. Companion 24/7 arrives fully programmed and ready to go. Simply plug it in. Our Members have their choice of setup options:

A. Our free “do-it-yourself” setup supported over the phone by one of our friendly Advisors. Setup takes about 15 minutes and is “plug and play” simple. We make it fun and easy, plus your Advisor will give you a fun system tour. (Free)

B. In-home setup by our partners at Best Buy Geek Squad, who will deliver your system, setup and test each device and give you a little system tour ($99 setup fee at checkout).

Reason #6: It’s personal

Your system is customized just for you. But that is just the beginning. Using Artificial Intelligence Smart Technology, your system gets smarter daily – learning your preferences, even your speech and how you pronounce things. Our initial Setup includes your frequently dialed numbers along with thousands of the skills you will find most valuable. And, within 30 days your system will know your likes and dislikes and grows with you.

Pretty awesome, right?

Reason #7: Guaranteed privacy

Have concerns about a “listening device” in your home? We’ve got you covered. Your device is uniquely programmed to know only your first name. That’s it. The smart speaker does not know your full identity, your address or even what state you are located in. (Even Google, Amazon or your internet service provider doesn’t know who you are). Your anonymity is backed by our $1 million privacy protection guarantee. (See: Legal)


So, go ahead and have fun. Use your smart speakers all you like – knowing we’ll keep you safe online.

Reason #8. Our lifetime guarantee

At Constant Companion, we believe our customers are like family. When you’re family, you do what’s right. It’s been our philosophy since day one. And in typical family fashion, we believe in looking out for one another. That’s why we’re the only smart speaker, monitored security company to offer a lifetime repair or replace warranty on all our systems – simple as that.

As long as you maintain an active Membership*, if your Companion 24/7 system ever needs repair, we will fix it or replace it free of charge. You see, to us, the phrase “lifetime warranty” is more than just a marketing strategy. It’s a sign of our integrity.