The Power of Your Voice

Making Lives Better with the Power of Voice

Everyone who experiences Companion 24/7 finds a new sense of power – using their voice to stay connected, accomplish tasks, enjoy engaging entertainment and connect to help in an emergency.

Join the movement to hands-free living. 

Our Patented Call for Help – Your Connection to Urgent Response Professionals

What could be easier in an emergency than to just ask for help? With Companion 24/7, if you have an emergency, just say: “Call for Help!” You will be connected instantly by two-way voice to highly trained, US-based Urgent Response Agents.

While your privacy is always protected, when you call for help, your Urgent Response Agent will be able to help First Responders with critical information before they even reach the scene. Getting you the help you need, when you need it most.

Retail smart speakers can’t call 911. With Companion 24/7, you have monitored security and protection that you don’t have to set, arm, carry, reach, wear or charge. It’s just there whenever you need it.

Your Companion 24/7 system hears your voice throughout your home. Nothing to dial, press or push.

Voice Activated. Always on. Companion 24/7.