2019 Caregiver of the Year

Saffron Buzzy, a professional home caregiver, was honored with the Caregiver of the Year Award. Hear more about what she does and why she was selected for this award.

My name is Saffron Buzzy, and I am a caregiver.

The caregivers provide companionship for the elderly to go in and help them in their home. Keeping them as independent as they can. Getting them involved in the daily tasks. I will go in and assist with bathing, helping them with that laundry, cooking meals. And the whole time I’m trying to get them involved.

Why I Love My Job

I love everything about my job. From the minute I walk in to seeing them smile if I can leave, you know, and (they ask) when are you coming back? You know? I love that. The main thing I think is when I can go to their home and they can stay in the home.  I can keep them independent and watch them. (They are) able to do the tasks, with a little assistance, but they still know that they can do it.

I’ve been doing this line of caregiving for almost two years. I’ve always had a passion for the elderly. So given the opportunity to come into such a wonderful agency and work with a great group of girls and, you know, meet all our different clients, is it just a blessing for me every day.

What’s the One Challenge for Older Adults You Would Like to Solve

A lot of them are isolated and lonely. Again, it’s because they do get shut off. You know, like once they’re in a home or in a facility, sometimes family members aren’t coming around as much. So, yes, they are getting shut off. And with technology changing so fast, they become confused. So they do tend to shut down. They don’t want to communicate. They are sometimes angry, sad, depressed.

So all of those are the challenges that I try to work around and try to pull them out of that and let them know that, you know, you don’t have to give up. You know, we’re gonna get through this. I will show you.

My Constant Companion Story


So I had a client that I was with him every day. His health was declining. And I had noticed his coloring in his eyes had changed. I had informed the family and they had doctors visits set up for him, which I would go with him. And then one day I went in and he was… I had just put him back into bed. He was struggling with his breathing, and I didn’t want leave his side.

I used Constant Companion to call for the paramedics. So, I was able to just stay with him holding his hand. I let him know I was there and knew that help was on the way. And it was nice to know that I could stay by his side and help was on the way. And, in a way, he kind of had his first words with Constant Companion… and his last words…

It was nice at the end. We both had the security from Constant Companion that help was on the way.

Saffron Buzzy was chosen as the 2019 Constant Companion Caregiver of the Year.


So I found out when Connie called me and I was a little bit dumbfounded. I was like, what makes me special? Because all of the girls I work with are amazing.

Caregiver of the year to me you’re recognized for going in and doing your job, providing the care, the companionship, the love always gets the love. And so I couldn’t – I was honored, flattered – but I just I just didn’t understand why I stood out when everybody else is doing such a fantastic job. But again, I was very honored.