Prepare to Care

How do you prepare to care?

Do you know there are several organizations that provide resources, training and support to help you better manage the role of caregiving? How many times have you or your loved one been hurt by something you didn’t know?

We regularly interview companies and organizations that specialize in caregiving to gather important advice and tips to share with you. This top tip comes from Visiting Angels, a senior care and home care agency with offices nationwide.

Top Tip: Get organized!

Time seems to evaporate when you are a caregiver. Yet, you are managing information of vital importance. You will need a system. Use whatever system suits you best, be it a file cabinet or an app, but it needs to be something you will use consistently.

The “Must Haves”

Plan to keep track of medications, names and locations of doctors and pharmacies, copies of blood work, lab tests, medical reports and hospital discharge instructions. Make sure you have current healthcare documents including insurance or Medicare cards, living wills and power of attorney papers. If you and your loved one have not signed living will and the related healthcare documents, the time to do so is now. See our story on the Caregiver Conversation.


Have a system for organization, be it a file cabinet or an app


Make sure you have all the “must haves”


The time to complete and sign healthcare documents is now

While it would be easy to pile instead of file while you are so busy trying to care about your loved one, not having this information at your fingertips when you need it could cause unnecessary delays and stress. Take a moment to plan, and you will see your vision of the organized caregiver come to life!