Patricia's Story: The First Time I've Ever Been On My Own

My name is Patricia James, and I’m 81 years old. I was born in Pittsburgh, and I’ve lived here my all my life. I met my husband while I was in high school. We married in 1957, started a family in 1960, and now have 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

My husband’s name was Don. He was from Carrick. He was a fantastic man. He was very active in community. He coached Little League. He was a volunteer fireman. He went through that until he became chief. And he retired in I think it was 1990 and he would do anything for anybody. He just loved people. He was a people’s person. He was a good guy. Yeah. We were married for 60 years.

The First Time I’ve Ever Been On My Own

I lost him September of 2017. This the first time I’ve been on my own. We had our ups and downs, but at the end we did everything together. I sometimes just don’t know what to do. I blame everything on him. And then it dawns on me it’s not his fault.

He was so active until almost up to the day he went into the hospital and he was only in there like three weeks. I couldn’t believe that it went so fast. But you can’t feel sorry for yourself. You just have to go with life and take what it gives you.

It Was Icy Outside

On Christmas Day, it was icy outside and I hadn’t realized it. And I went out and stepped on my wooden back porch, which was a sheet of ice. I went down outside. I started yelling for help, but I didn’t have help because my family was enjoying their Christmas morning, which they should have been. I was screaming, and it couldn’t be heard. So I knew it was up to me to somehow get next door. I finally took off my shoes and walked.

When I got over to my granddaughter and her husband, then they realized. My grandson had opened the door and seen me. I was bleeding and panicked the family, of course. We got an ambulance and I went to the hospital. I had a good outcome. Everything was fine. Had they not been home, it would have been a catastrophe.

A Sense of Security

My granddaughter got a new system for me and I have it connected to emergency. I feel very safe and very secure with it. Constant Companion allows me to be better connected and protected.

It just gives you the sense of security that basically you’re never alone. The places that I most would not want to have an accident or be alone would be in my basement or my bathroom. And I feel very safe and secure with the Alexa system. I know that my voice is loud and she will hear me in any room. I have her in five different places.

I’m connected now to all my children through Alexa. If for some reason I don’t need emergency help, I can just call one of my children and they’ll be right there. That’s a good feeling to know that that’s there. It’s true. You know that there’s always a way to get help.

Everyone Should Have Companion 24/7


I think everyone should them in have the house. Maybe you start out, which I know a lot of people did when they first came out, to listen to music and ask trivial questions and such. But now I think it’s a bigger thing and all homes should have them. I truly believe that. .

I would absolutely recommend Constant Companion for anyone, whether you’re the elderly or the young. You deserve to have that peace of mind.