Urgent Response: With the Sound of Your Voice

Need help getting started? We make learning new skills fun

While Companion 24/7 has made getting started as simple as possible, sometimes there’s something you want to ask or understand better. Our Customer Care team can help. With expert advisors, Customer Care can answer your questions and provide tips, tricks and training on how to use the skills that are most important to you.

When Companion 24/7 Members begin to see all that their system can do, they sometimes feel like they have a new best friend.

Our Customer Care team advisors are constantly finding new skills to share and specialize in making Companion 24/7 fun and easy to use.

Here are three of our favorite skills to share!


I love the “Tell me a joke” skill. We all enjoy a good laugh!


When I show people how to “Set a reminder,” I can almost hear the wheels turning with ideas of how to use it. There’s so much to remember these days. People love this feature.


Probably my favorite skill to share is the music. You get to know more about someone when you hear what kind of music they like. Like, one of our members who request the Grateful Dead. I learned that he used to play in a rock band.

Our advisors can also direct you to the Starting Point section of your User Guide. Just say your wake word, then say “Call Customer Care” or call the number at the top right of this screen.