The Power of Your Voice

Why Companion 24/7 is Different

Companion 24/7 is dedicated to keeping people safe and more connected using the latest smart speaker technology and the sound of your voice.

What makes Companion 24/7 different from other smart speakers from Google or Amazon?

So glad you asked! We have four distinct features that you can’t find anywhere else. 

4 Features You Can’t Get With Standard Devices

1. U.S. Patented Call for Help

In an Emergency, neither Alexa nor Google Assistant can dial 911. ​Only Companion 24/7 can instantly get you the help you need. Just say, “Call for Help.” You will be connected to ​US-based urgent response agents with a 5 Diamond Rating.

2. Guaranteed Privacy

​Concerned about privacy? Have any second-thoughts about a device in your home listening or even recording your data? Companion 24/7 offers a $1 Million Privacy Protection Guarantee backed by Lloyds of London. Read more.

3. Plug & Play Easy Set-up

All our systems arrive ready to use – set up just for you. Just plug them in. Simple! And if you need it, we offer professionally managed service with 100% US Based Agents providing 24/7 support. Ask about our “White Glove” Service for more details.


4. Lifetime Guarantee

We saved the best for last. Only Companion 24/7 offers this kind of guarantee that as long as you remain a Member of one of our 24/7 plans, your equipment will be maintained or replaced as needed. Never purchase equipment again this huge lifetime value. We offer free repair or replacement (Versus: Limited 90 day or 1 year on most electronics purchased online.) Lean more.

Why Companion 24/7 is Different from Other Types of Personal Security Systems

Companion 24/7 makes it easier to live in the real world and still maintain a sense of security. 

What makes Companion 24/7 different from other types of security systems? Companion 24/7 is disrupting the industry with the power of voice. 

5 Benefits You Can’t Get With Other Monitored Security Systems

1. There’s no alarm to set, it’s always available at the sound of your voice

Your emergency protection is always on and accessible simply by speaking a command. Nothing to remember to set. No accidentally setting off the alarm. You have peace of mind know, all you have to do is ask for help.

2. No emergency button to press, no device to carry

​It never fails. The minute you need a personal alarm or panic button, you won’t have it in your hands. However, you always have your voice. That’s why Companion 24/7 will be the most reliable system you’ll ever have. 

3. A reliable system to protect you, not just  your home

How many home invasions happen when someone is home? Maybe you don’t set your alarm during the day. Maybe you just walked in the door. When the unthinkable happens, you are not powerless. The ability to connect with an urgent response agent in a matter of seconds could save your life.


4. More effective than calling 9-1-1 from your cell phone

In a emergency, Companion 24/7 urgent response agents can access critical information to get help to you right away. Your address, contacts and other important information is available to help first responders find you and help you as quickly as possible.

5. For businesses, you have security even though your doors are open to customers

Many small businesses, for example retail shops, hair salons or apartment leasing offices, may only have one person in the office. You don’t want to lock out your customers, but you want your employees to be safe. With a voice-activated system from  Companion 24/7, anyone can call for help in seconds should a situation arise. 

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