Companion 24/7 Support

I’m Connie Nelson. I’m the chief operating officer and equity partner in a non-medical home care company. I oversee the sales and operations of three companies. We have 17 office staff and around 230 caregivers. I started out about 40 years ago. I’m a respiratory therapist, and I worked in acute care hospital for years. I did diagnostic testing and ended up going into outside sales for medical and health information technology.

I was missing the human touch. I was missing my patients. Watching people get better. And I wanted to get back in where I can make a difference in someone’s life. And I was offered the opportunity to go into non-medical home care, and I love it.

Love of the Mission

All of a sudden, we’re connecting people that want to help people with people who want to stay in their home. They need that added care that their family is unable to provide because their family is busy with their own children. They’re busy with their careers. But yet the elderly need someone to just help them out every day. The biggest challenge we face in our industry is there are not enough caregivers.

Why Constant Companion

We were approached by Constant Companion to have something there when we’re not there even. We approached the families and said, listen, we’re there for maybe four hours. We go in the morning. We get the, out a bit. We make sure they’re clean. They’ve had a good breakfast. They have their medications and they’re set for the day. We may have their lunch made. All they have to do is warm it up. Dinner could be ready, but yet we were leaving them. And we weren’t going to see until the next morning and the family wasn’t either. 

By bringing Constant Companion smart speakers into the home, we were allowing them to stay connected, staying connected with their family.

Daily Care Calls*

*an optional additional service not included

Constant Companion will do a call out every day. They might call whatever time the family wants or the client wants maybe eight o’clock at night and say, how was your day? For instance, Mabel. Mabel, how was your day? Did everything go okay? Are you feeling all right? Did you get your dinner and did you take your medications this evening? And if she says yes. Wonderful.

An email is sent out to the family. Immediately, no matter where they are, they get this email and it’s like, oh, good. Mom had a great day. She’s going to bed. All’s well I can run home, take my kids where they need to go, make dinner, whatever else. So there’s that connection there. The other thing we find out is those clients look forward to those calls.

My Constant Companion Story


The gentleman that we started with, I will never forget it. He was bed-bound. That’s why we chose him.

The first time we used it…

He sang in a barbershop quartet. This is a man who had to find this station on an FM (radio) station at a certain time to hear the music he loved. The wonderful thing is he could say Alexa play barbershop quartet music and it started playing. It was like a two-year-old at Christmas because to him, it was amazing. All I had to do was ask it and it played what I wanted.

And it just pulled at your heartstrings to know that this man, all these years, had been sitting there trying to find the music he wanted and just with the tone of his voice, he got what he wanted and it was delivered instantly. Over time it became a very good friend of his.

We felt good because he was connected to his family, but we also felt good as an agency that when we left him he was protected.