My Companion Home System

From: $698.00 one time, and
$189.99 / month

My Companion Equipment (Ver 4.0 with 3-Speakers)

The proven Companion 3-speaker system is the perfect solution for almost any home. The system includes:

  1. Echo Show 5 Video Device with Battery Backup
  2. Globe Speaker
  3. Wallmount Speaker
  4. Smart Router

My Companion Monthly Service

Your monthly service includes:

  • Easy video calls and messages
  • 24/7¬† "Call for Help" with 5-Diamond-rated emergency monitoring
  • Anonymity and privacy protection
  • Music, games, and jokes
  • Reminder, timers, and alarms
  • Thousands of fun and functional voice-activated skills
  • Requires home internet¬†
  • Requires activation
  • Requires purchase of Companion system
$189.99 / month

Activation $99


Set-up and activation are quick and easy, but you still have options. A $99 activation call with our Customer Care team is required. Or, for a little more, you can schedule an on-site installation with a tech who will come to your home to plug and test your equipment for you.

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Please Add Your Social Contacts

Please add the first name and last name and a phone number for up to five people who you would like to be able to call from your device.

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