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Companion 24/7 can provide you with added peace of mind and connectivity at home every day.  

About the Companion Home System

The Companion Home System gives you the benefits of modern smart speakers, without the hassle. It includes privacy protection and our patented call-for-help – a reliable voice-activated connection to emergency assistance through our top-rated urgent response center. Push buttons and pendants are a thing of the past.

Companion Benefits

Your new system makes voice and video calls simple and easy. You can set reminders, timers, and alarms to keep your day on track. Play music. Listen to sports or weather. And a whole lot more. Getting started is easy with assistance by phone and personal training from our Customer Care team.Make the choice to use your voice!

A Few Details

Before you get started with checkout, you may want to grab your phone book one last time. If you will enter the names and phone numbers of the top 10 people you want to call, your system will arrive with those contacts already added.

Your system will be shipped to you in about a week to two weeks, customized and ready to go.

The Companion 24/7 Monthly Service Includes:

• Easy video calls and messages
• 24/7 “Call for Help” with 5-Diamond-rated emergency monitoring
• Anonymity and privacy protection
• Music, games, and jokes
• Reminder, timers, and alarms
• Thousands of fun and functional voice-activated skills
• Requires home internet
• Requires activation
• Requires purchase of Companion system

The 3-Speaker Companion Home System (ver. 4.0)

• Echo Show 5 Video Device with Battery Backup

• Globe Speaker

• Wallmount Speaker

• Smart Router


You may cancel services at any time by calling Customer Care at 833-791-9100. You may keep the speakers, but you must return the Smart Router as it cannot be used without a subscription to our services. You will receive a gift card or credit for returning the Smart Router. Return details and a return label will be provided if you ever want to cancel. To continue using the speakers, you will need to do a factory reset and self-setup.

Join the Movement

Join the thousands of people who are getting smart about staying engaged, connected, and protected. Complete your order for the Companion Home System today.

Design Your Own System

If you would like coverage in more rooms, higher-quality speakers, wall-mounts and accessories, smart home features and more, let us help you customize the perfect system and plan to fit your needs. Call Customer Care today.

Easier Access to Connection and Protection

Companion 24/7 services include voice-activated monitored security with emergency response, privacy protection, pre-programmed customization, training, tech support, membership benefits and more.

Home internet service is required. If you don’t have internet service, ask us about a cellular plan.


How Many Speakers Do I Need?
Each device covers approximately 1,000 square feet of your home. We recommend three devices for most homes: 1. A video device in the main living area, 2. A wall-mount speaker in the master bathroom where most home accidents happen, and 3. A globe speaker in the bedroom or office.


Can I Add More Speakers?
Yes. If your home is over 3,000 square feet or has multiple levels, you may wish to add more speakers. Call our Customer Care team to help design a system that is perfect for you!

Is home internet required?
Yes. To enjoy the full benefits of the system, internet is required. In some cases, we can provide full cellular service. Call Customer Care to find out more.