Caregivers Are Super Heroes

Caregivers are a special kind of people. We call them HEROES! If you are a caregiver, you need all the help you can get. Read on for tips, ideas and stories to help you give better care and take better care of yourself.

Companion 24/7 | Caregiver Stories

Companion 24/7 | Caregiver Stories

Professional caregivers, working through home care companies, give people access to help with daily activities such as preparing meals, bathing, dressing, going to doctors’ appoinments and more. They allow the family to spend more quality time with their loved one while still managing their own household, families and jobs. Together, families and home care professionals ensure a better quality of life for those in their care.

The Role of Technology in Home Care

Les DeFelice, CEO of a multi-unit franchise for non-medical home care discusses the role technology can play in supporting home care and living independently.

Meet Saffron, the 2019 Constant Companion Caregiver of the Year. While she feels what she does is the same as everyone in her position, those she touches know she goes above and beyond. Saffron epitomizes care that’s always there.