The Quality Advantage for Assisted Living Communities

Voice-Integrated Communities of the Future Start Here

Constant Companion leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and popular voice-activated speakers to transform the future of caregiving for senior living communities.

Quality-Driven Innovation for Assisted Living

Imagine a future where you speak a command and your virtual assistant goes to work for you. While it may sound like Star Trek, that future is now. And it’s happening at independent living, assisted living, long-term care and other senior communities nationwide.

Voice and Video Innovation

Constant Companion’s innovative voice and video technology solutions improve care, connection and quality of life. Whether you live or work at one of these voice interactive senior communities of the future, you can expect a new level of quality, service and satisfaction.

Your Quality Competitive Advantage

Having a voice-interactive system from Constant Companion helps with safety, engagement, communication, automation and much more. It improves utilization of staff and creates greater satisfaction with residents and families.

Here are a few of the common uses at assisted living and senior communities.

Call the Nurse

Have you wondered what could happen when someone can’t reach the phone or a push button when assistance is needed? What if residents could just ask for help from anywhere in the room?

“Call the nurse” “Hi Margaret, how can I help you? Is everything ok?

Make a Video Call

Video calls are simple and easy. No buttons to press. No numbers to remember. Just give the command, and voila! You are in a video chat.

“Alexa, call Mary Smith.”

Set a Reminder

A smart assistant can help with medication and appointment reminders.

“Nick, it’s time to take your yellow pill.”

Make an Announcement

What if you wanted to let everyone know about something all at the same time?

“Announce, we have a special entertainer in the main dining room tonight. Don’t miss the fun!”

Enjoy Entertainment

Speaking of entertainment, Companion devices can bring hours of fun with music, stories, games and thousands of other skills.

“Play jazz music!”

“Tell me something funny!”

“Did you hear about the woman who invented the knock knock joke? She won the no bell prize!”

“Let’s play bingo!”

“The next number is N 42.”

Access Current Events

Companion Community is always available to answer world questions such as who won the U. S. Open or what was the DOW at closing today?

Ask Common Questions

Companion is ready to help with questions to make residents feel right at home.

“What time is dinner?”

“Dinner is at 6 pm in the main dining room.”

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

“What time is it?”

“What day is it?”

“What’s the weather today?”

“Currently, the temperature is 72 degrees with clear skies. You can expect more of the same through tonight with a low of 58 degrees.”

Decreases Isolation and Loneliness

A smart speaker with artificial intelligence that allows natural conversation can become a real companion for residents. You can’t put a price on this kind of connection.

“Tell me some good news.”

“Today, a new discovery was made that will help people find greater peace of mind and overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness. It brings moments of joy.”

Options for Independent Living

In independent living, the Call the Nurse function can be replaced with Call for Help which will connect the caller to trained urgent response agents who can get them the help they need.

It’s Easy

The team at Constant Companion makes this simple and easy. They program, deliver, install and maintain the system. They have an experienced training team to help get things started and answer questions all along the way.

Constant Companion helps innovative communities provide their residents with the benefits of voice-connected living. After all, what could be more important than making people’s lives better?

Learn more about Companion Community for assisted living facilities and other senior communities. Call us today. 

Companion 24/7 | Features

It’s Purpose-Built

Constant Companion’s purpose-built, voice-activated systems improve quality of life for your residents and staff. Voice requests are the easiest and most innovative way to connect to each room or an entire facility. 

It’s Smart

Smart speakers assist staff by performing regular mundane tasks such as making announcements, reminding residents about meals and fun events, and communicating throughout the facility hands-free. So, your staff can focus on residents. 

It’s Meaningful

Even with other people around, a person who is missing their spouse or family can feel lonely. When your residents retire to their rooms, they can continue to engage. The interactive smart assistant powered by artificial intelligence becomes a real companion. They can ask questions anytime. Memory care patients can ask the same question over and over again and will always receive a polite answer.

Give your residents the benefit of a Constant Companion.