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Companion 24/7 can provide you with added peace of mind and connectivity at home every day. Browse to compare available plan options and features. 

Privacy Protector (Only)

If your primary concern is privacy, the Privacy Protector is a perfect solution for you. You will be anonymous, and your privacy is guaranteed, backed by our $1 million privacy protection policy.

Professional Monitoring (Only)

Choose this option if you want to add professional monitoring by urgent response agents to your smart speakers. Smart speakers can’t dial 9-1-1. With our Professional Monitoring added to your device, you get the security of knowing you can call for help in the event of an emergency.

24/7 Standard

Awaken the full benefits of 24/7 protection including safety, security and privacy. With the 24/7 Standard plan, you have full access to our Call for Help with 24/7 monitoring by urgent response agents, privacy protection, pre-programming with the easy call features, training and tech advisors and much more. The 24/7 Standard Play includes two devices.


  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Flex


With 24/7 Plus, you get the full benefits of the 24/7 Standard protection and privacy features, plus a battery backup option for your Echo Dot and an added nightlight for your Echo Flex.


  • Echo Dot with Battery
  • Echo Flex with Nightlight

24/7 Premium

By adding an Echo Show, voice and video come together for a more robust communication and entertainment experience. 24/7 Premium gives you the full benefits of the 24/7 plan coverage with premium devices.

This plan is only available using your home internet connection.


  • Echo Show
  • Echo Flex with Nightlight

Design Your Own System

If you would like coverage in more rooms, higher-quality speakers, wall-mounts and accessories, smart home features and more, let us help you customize the perfect system and plan to fit your needs. Call an Advisor today.

Easier Access to Connection and Protection

Companion 24/7 services include voice-activated monitored security with emergency response, privacy protection, pre-programmed customization, training, tech support, membership benefits and a lifetime warranty on equipment.

If you don’t have internet service, we offer an added service with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Choose the plan that is right for you.


Can I Add More Speakers?
Yes. Click to speak with an advisor or schedule an appointment with a concierge to design a system that is perfect for you!

How Many Speakers Do I Need?
Each device covers approximately 1,000 square feet of your home. We recommend two devices at a minimum: 1. An Echo Dot in the main living area and 2. An Echo Flex in the master bathroom where most home accidents happen.

Can I Buy Speakers for the Professional Monitoring or Privacy Protector only plans?
Yes. Click to speak with an advisor or schedule an appointment with a concierge to discuss the options for devices you may want to purchase.