Make it a Team Approach

No one can do it alone!

Make it a Team Approach

Even if you’re the only child or the only child in the area, others can still help. Yes, you will need it. There are lot of ways other family members can help from a distance. Talk to your team of friends and family. Discuss the daily, weekly and monthly needs of your loved one and work together to find ways to share the duties.

Let others help! Be prepared to delegate.

Here are a few quick ideas of duties that can be managed remotely to get you started:


Request pharmacy orders by mail


Order groceries for delivery

Place orders online for personal care items, clothing and other items needed

Research is another good way to help remotely – everything from cleaning services to home care companies to treatment options require significant research. Let your shopping savvy sister or your everything digital nephew do the research for you.

Here’s a tip from another family caregiver. Form an alliance with someone else you trust who may be in a similar situation and exchange care errands.

I take care of things for my mom … from grocery shopping to tech support. Since we don’t have family in the area, I made a pact with a friend who takes care of her dad. When I need to be away, I ask if she can help my mom if needed, and I do the same for her. We call ourselves the backup daughters.

Kim C.

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