Companion 24/7 Services: Keeping You Connected and Protected

Take advantage of all your smart speaker system has to offer

Stay Connected with Confidence

Constant Companion has taken the popular voice technologies and added new capabilities, conveniences and privacy features. We have created the newest and most reliable way to connect people to help in an emergency and help them connect to the people and interests they love most.

Integrate leading technology into your daily routine.

A Connection that Simplifies Your Busy Life

With a virtual assistant already built in, you can take advantage of all the convenience of your smart speakers. Using nature voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, your system can answer questions and follow commands. Here are some of the ways it can provide assistance:

• Set reminders
• Make calls to friends and family
• Set waketime music alarms or bedtime relaxation music to improve sleep
• Become part of an automated, smart home system
• Get instant access to news and weather, entertainment, jokes and fun facts

Let’s talk technology. Making voice-interaction simple and fun.

This revolutionary voice-activated technology performs a variety of support functions. If you have never used a smart speaker, take a look at Starting Point, a short tutorial on how your smart speaker will work.

Protect your safety, security and privacy.

Protect your Safety.

Companion 24/7 provides voice-activated smart speakers for your home that do what other standard smart speakers can’t do. Programmed with our patented “Call for Help” feature, Companion 24/7 connects you instantly with highly trained emergency response agents who assess your situation and get you the help you need. Companion 24/7 is available to help when the unexpected happens.

Protect your Security.

Companion 24/7 provides a different way of living life securely. Even without setting an alarm system, you have immediate access to help in an emergency using just your voice. This important feature makes Companion 24/7 a reliable and important solution for both home and business where locked doors are not your way of life.

Protect Your Privacy

Companion 24/7 specializes in privacy protection guarding your identity and your data. You remain anonymous and your information is protected. Only if you call for help will an urgent response agent have the ability to unlock your name and location. Companion 24/7 includes a Million Dollar Privacy Protection Guarantee backed by Lloyds of London.

Why Companion 24/7 is the right solution for right now.