Companion 24/7

Voice-activated smart speakers with a purpose! Companion 24/7 gives you access to help in any home emergency.

With a new take on popular video and voice smart speakers, Companion 24/7 makes connection and protection easier than ever. Get started today!

You are here for a reason. You or someone you know has a need to feel more connected and protected, to have more peace of mind. And you’re curious about all the amazing new technologies and what they can do to help. Companion 24/7 is your answer.​​

A New Way of Staying Connected and Protected

Companion 24/7 makes smart devices more useful and more accessible to everyone. We make them unique with our patented voice-activated, monitored security and privacy protection features. But it’s our mission that makes us different. Watch our video to learn more.

Companion 24/7  |  Our Mission

Security, safety and social interaction are basic human needs. Companion 24/7 is making it easier to stay connected and protected.

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Making People’s Lives Better

Experience the power of hands-free living. For most people, it’s fun and convenient. For some people, it’s life-changing. We make voice-interactive capabilities easy and accessible to everyone.